The company

The Company

Our company culture is characterized by craftsmanship, involvement and innovation. All our employees are well qualified, and internally trained when necessary. Our people know all ins and outs in the field, combined with many years of work experience, allowing us to think along with our customers in a flexibly way and to deliver tailor-made solutions.

A dynamic market, European legislation that keeps getting stricter and of course our own ambitions lead to continuous improvements and investments in people, knowledge, technology and equipment.


  • 1,5 hectare of company premises with over 5.500 m2 business space
  • Washing place of 270 m2
  • 2 blasting cabinets
  • Blasting system for inside of tanks
  • 6 modern painting cabinets of which
    • 1 blasting/painting cabinet in a continuous line with a lifting capacity of 40 tons
    • 1 painting cabinet with a lifting capacity of 10 tons
    • 1 painting hall
  • Conveyer system with continuous painting and drying cabinets that is suited for parts up to 1000 kg

All cabinets are equipped with computer-controlled two-component dosing systems and a drying temperature of up to 60°C. We also possess a conditioned room for creating paint and a paint safe with a constant temperature of 20°C. All systems and production processes meet the latest environmental protection requirements. Blasting dust, paint residue and other chemical waste is disposed of according to prescribed standards.


1990 – Founded
Kamphuis was founded in 1990 by Jan Kamphuis. First as a company that performed maintenance on earth-moving machines in Hoge Hexel. Soon he was asked to paint a machine, next to revising the earth-moving machines. Jan Kamphuis saw a future in preservation and specialized in it.

1999 – Moved
9 years later, Kamphuis moved to a larger building in Nijverdal. Kamphuis Nijverdal started there with 1 blasting and metallizing cabinet and 2 painting cabinets.

Jaar 2006 – Expansion
Kamphuis Nijverdal expanded to 2 blasting cabinets, 1 metallizing hall and 5 painting cabinets. In 2014 a conveyer system was installed, ensuring small series could also be painted easily and efficiently.

2017 – Expansion
In 2017, Kamphuis Nijverdal expanded to 2 blasting cabinets, 1 metallizing hall, 4 painting cabinets, 1 painting hall, 1 conveyer system used for painting and multiple workshops for pre-processing. Nowadays we are industrial professionals that preserve in all kinds of sectors. Products from small to large. Hence our motto: great in detail.