Application of grinding and sanding

Sanding and grinding are a pre-treatment just like blasting. Blasting is often applied to remove rust from metals. However, not every part is suitable for blasting, for example thin sheet metal of trucks. Grinding and sanding are also suitable when an existing paint layer of a part is still in good shape, but shows a few rust spots.

Principle of grinding and sanding

Sanding and grinding are mechanical processes during which grains, consisting of a hard material, sand the surface. Grinding is a rougher variant of sanding. Grinding is applied for removing rust spots; sanding creates scratches on an existing paint layer or metal surface, thereby ensuring the required roughness for the painting process.

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Washing place

The washing place is used to clean parts for the blasting and sanding process. During the washing process, contaminations on the surface are cleaned using a steam cleaner. This way, also a bad paint layer can be removed.

Assembly & disassembly

Part of our company is the modern and fully equipped workshop. Skilled mechanics perform all kinds of assemblies, teardowns and reparations on the products.

Paint safe

Our in house paint safe consists of a large range of paints. Thanks to a large stock we can reduce lead times in some paint systems. We also possess over a room for creating paint. Exclusively for smaller projects, we can measure and make colours in house.

Fleet marking

You can also contact us for your fleet marking in UV-resistant, colourfast and durable paintwork. We apply your logo, company name or other paintwork on (large) equipment, company vehicles, machines and other products.